What is an Analytics platform?

Analytics are actually dashboards that monitor and keep track of software. You use Analytics for example to monitor progress, discover relationships, predict outcomes and automate decisions. ID2Bytes® can build and implement custom Analytics in your software.

How Analytics works

If something happens in the software, you will be notified. For example, on your dashboard you can see the amount of real time users or pin transactions. This can be built into your software. In addition, with Analytics you can create custom "events" so that you receive notifications when these events occur. The information in your dashboard is also stored, so you have multiple metrics. That way you can create graphs or make comparisons with your past data.

Advantages of Analytics

  • With Analytics you can see real-time what is happening in your software or on your website
  • Analytics is completely tailor-made
  • You can set up events in the dashboard to receive notifications for important measurements
  • Analytics gives you easy insight into your data
  • The information in your dashboard is stored and can be measured and analyzed

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