What is backoffice software?

Backoffice management software has the aim to facilitate and support daily processes within a company. Moreover, the use of backoffice software also helps to streamline processes and the exchange of information.

How does backoffice software work?

A backoffice does not have an interface which is visible to customers, but it does provide a more customer-friendly way of working. A backoffice consists, for example, of applications and platforms that help with tasks such as accounting, human resources (HR), project management and other financial tasks.

Companies often use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to support the backoffice.

Advantages of backoffice systems

  • No more data silos caused by the use of different systems
  • More structure regarding the organization of customers, projects, cases or administration.
  • One access point for all employees with direct access to the same data.
  • A more agile and efficient way of working so more time.
  • A more secure way of working.

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