What is a CMS system?

CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is in fact a software application allowing users to create, edit, manage and publish online content. With CMS software you can easily publish documents and data without having a lot of technical knowledge.

How do CMS systems work?

CMS systems make it easy to users to manage a website in a simple and straightforward way. You can enter data as plain text (without layout) but it will be shows with a certain layout to the website visitors. Since the CMS system converts the entered data, it's not necessary to work with HTML.

A CMS system always consists of:

  • CMA or Content Management Application. This is where you enter, remove or edit your data: the dashboard
  • A storage location, such as a database.
  • CDA or Content Delivery Application. This is what’s shown to the visitors: the website itself.

Advantages of CMS software:

  • It’s an easy and safe way to maintain your website
  • It saves time
  • No knowledge of HTML needed
  • A visually consistent website
  • A safe way to store your source files

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