Wat is a CRM system?

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. It's in fact a simple way to manage, maintain and categorize relations with other organizations, customers / clients, employees and suppliers.

How do CRM systems work?

A CRM system ensures that you have all information about customers and relations in one place. Our modern CRM software makes sure that your relations are managed in an efficient and agile way. CRM management can be used for sales, marketing and customer services.

CRM and sales

CRM can help improve the sales of your company. You can save the name and details of all your contacts in one (safe) place. With a decent CRM system, you can keep all the information about your connections up-to-date. You can also use this system to target a specific group efficiently or to make the contact very personal.

CRM and marketing

A CRM system can also be used for (re)marketing. You could, for example, come up with specific offers or actions based on your customer's previous purchases. With a decent CRM system and CRM strategy you can target that specific group. In addition, with CRM you can see exactly who your most local customers are and which customers might need some nudging.

CRM and service department

If you have a service department, it's also important for your employees to be able to easily find your customer's data. Having these details at hand is more efficient and more customer friendly. The latter will, in turn, lead to more loyal customers.

Advantages of CRM Software

  • Improved relationship management
  • Cross team collaboration
  • More productivity
  • Improved sales prgnosis
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Insight in sales statistics
  • More customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improved marketing ROI

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