What is ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP software makes sure all the internal processes within a company, like HR, finance, sales and production are linked within the same system and stored in one central point.

How do ERP systems work?

An ERP system is also known as an ERP suite. An ERP system consists of different applications that share the same database. Since everything is stored in one place, there is no need for seperate software or databases for different processes. The goal of ERP is therefore to have all the info and data, which is interconnected, stored in one central (and safe) location.

The advantages of ERP software

  • More productivity by automating processes.
  • A better overview of the company's data.
  • With ERP it's easier to locate risks and prevent problems.
  • More accurate information because all the info is stored in one central location.
  • By providing real-time data of everything that happens in your business, ERP allows you to spot (growth) opportunities.

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