About us

I am Michael Siroen, founder and CEO of ID2Bytes® which I founded in 2011 with the aim of providing companies with IT support, consultancy and solutions to complex IT problems.

With broad experience developing custom software like web and desktop applications I have build an extensive portfolio with, for example, customers in healthcare, logistics and telecommunications.

I work with a lot of different programming languages. This ensures that I can provide not only custom build software but also link different systems.

I am very dedicated and passionate about ID2Bytes®. My aim is to make sure that smart IT solutions are available to small companies that are as affordable and transparent as possible. This is achieved by creating automation processes, thus providing customers with clearer insight into and a better overview of their company so that they save time and money. I work meticulously, transparent and deliver custom software of high quality.

I hear regularly from customer that the transition to an agile and digital way of working has enabled their business to grow. When my servicves enable this and when my clients have more time and money for things that matter to them, I know that my mission has been accomplished.