IT support

Apart from consultancy and custom software we also provide support for existing IT issues. It might be possible that your IT department cannot figure out how to fix a problem and/or that you’re looking for a solution or second opinion. Maybe you experience troubles with an order process, or you need to have existing software renewed. Or maybe, for some reason, your IT’er isn’t available anymore. Whatever the IT issue, we are here to help. We have already helped plenty of companies solving complex IT problems.

Examples of IT support ID2Bytes® offers

  • Hotfixes on existing software to solve programming errors/bugs.
  • Taking over current IT projects if your developer isn’t available (anymore).
  • Renewing existing software to improve its user-friendliness and/or performance.
  • Professionalizing your IT environment. For example, by uniting development and operations through DevOps.

In case you need (urgent) IT support for existing problems, please contact us and we’ll make a plan on how to help you.